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    9SixMedia Advertising

    9SixMedia Advertising Information

    9SixMedia.com offers spaces on our website for those who wish to advertise with us. All Advertisers are required to purchase a subscription from us to advertise websites or products. Advertisers will be placed in a special usergroup upon subscription purchase. In order to complete the process you will need to submit your banner information by using our Advertisers Form. Without this form submission your banner cannot be placed in a timely manner on the website.

    General Advertising Guidelines

    9SixMedia.com reserves the right to refuse advertising spots to anyone for any reason. Before purchasing your subscription please make sure that your website adheres to the following guidelines.

    1. The website MUST be completed. There cannot be any dummy text, missing pages, missing graphics and so on.
    2. Your submitted banner MUST be no larger than 468X60 for the header & footer spaces and 150X150 for the sidebar placement.
    3. Your banner CANNOT contain Flash/SWF files. Animated gifs are fine, but flash files that slow everything down are not.
    4. Your banner must be in jpg, gif or png format only.
    5. Your banner CANNOT be an affiliate link from another website. Your banner must represent a website you personally OWN.
    6. Your banner must not violate any of our Website Policies.
    7. Your website or product should be media related although this will not bar you from advertising here.

    Advertisement Placements Available

    Right now we have 3 advertising spots readily available for advertisers. These spots include the header (468X60 banner), sidebar (150X150 banner), & our footer (468X60 banner). We also offer Footer Links currently as a link exchange. Eventually in the future Footer Links may incur a charge. But at this time they are free. The diagram below outlines where the banner placements are.

    Banner Placements 9SixMedia.com

    Banner Positions & Information

    1. Header Banner: $15.96 (90 Days - Recurring) This position is found at the top of our website at the top right hand side. The header placement will give you as an advertiser more exposure to potential clicks. Header banners are usually more active. Our header banners cannot be any more than 468X60 pixels. So be sure that when you submit your banner that it does not exceed 468X60. This banner spot will rotate with 9 other advertiser banners for a total of ten banners. [Purchase This Spot] - [Submit Your Banner]
    2. Sidebar Banner: $12.96 (90 Days - Recurring) This banner spot is the second most active spot. Sidebar banners should only be 150X150 pixels. This banner spot will rotate with 19 other "stacked" banners for a total of 20 banners in the spot. Stacked means that there will be two banners stacked showing each time the page refreshes. [Purchase This Spot] - [Submit Your Banner]
    3. Footer Banner: $9.96 (90 Days - Recurring) This banner spot is found in our footer. This banner should be 468X60 pixels. This banner spot will rotate with 9 other banners for a total of 10 banners in the spot. [Purchase This Spot] - [Submit Your Banner]
    4. Footer Links: Information about links in our footer can be found on our Footer Links page.

    *Please note that the 9SixMedia.com staff reserve the right to discontinue your advertising service without warning or refund for failure to follow our general guidelines outlined above.

    **Prices are subject to change without warning or notice.

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