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    9SixMedia.com Staff members are available to answer your questions, help you with your account and generally make your time here at our website as enjoyable as possible! Please take a moment and Meet Our Staff! Want to be a staff member? No problem, you can easily apply for any open position just by submitting our Staff Application.

  • Member Account Descriptions

    Member Account Descriptions

    9SixMedia Member Account Descriptions

    9SixMedia has several different types of member accounts. We have your typical free accounts, staff accounts and some premium accounts. This document is placed here to help members understand what type of membership they have and what permissions they have on the website. Please note that certain portions of personal accounts have been disabled globally including user albums, user reputation & profile customization. Each member is allowed to make their profile private if they wish.

    Staff Accounts

    Staff accounts can be obtained by a member if they wish to submit an application. Currently staff accounts are free accounts and completely voluntary. Staff are not currently paid for any duties served on the website. Staff accounts include Owners, Administrators, Global Moderators & Moderators. Our staff should ALWAYS be courteous and professional with members & other staff at all times. To report a staff member for unbecoming conduct please use this form.

    Owners Accounts

    An Owner account is just what it sounds like. The person who holds this account owns the entire website and has the last say on things. The Owner has super administrator access. Members cannot ever join or become an owner.

    Administrators Accounts

    An Administrator account is for the members who reside over all of the website, its content & its members. Administrators have super moderator abilities throughout the website just as an Owner does with a few exceptions. For permissions, duties & conduct of an administrator account please refer to the Administrator Accounts page.

    Global Moderator Accounts

    Global Moderators are staff members that have the ability to moderate anywhere on the site. Global Mods have some super moderator abilities, but not as many as an administrator will. For permissions, duties & conduct of our Global Moderators please read our information on Global Moderators Accounts.

    Moderator Accounts

    Moderators have a certain forum or website area that they are responsible for. Depending upon the area they moderate, they have unique permissions in that area that others will not have. For permissions, duties & conduct of our moderators please read our Moderator Accounts page.

    VIP Accounts

    VIP Members are premium accounts in which the member gets certain perks that the normal member does not. VIP Members also are excluded from seeing the various advertisements & banner ads on the website. For more information please refer to our VIP Membership page.

    Elite Accounts

    Elite Members are premium accounts set up for media related business owners to advertise their brand, shop or products. Elite Members get more perks and also get a personal blog. Elite accounts also have hidden forum area for things related to their business accounts. For more information please read our Elite Membership page.

    Advertiser Accounts

    Advertiser Accounts are accounts for members who purchase advertising on our website. Advertisers have their own forum area for discussions related to their banners, links, etc., For more information please refer to our Advertiser Accounts page.

    Established Accounts

    Established Accounts are member accounts who have been members for at least 5 days and who have created 25 informative posts that are NOT spam. You can read more about the permissions and about this account on our Established Members page.

    Media Gurus Accounts

    Media Gurus are members who submit at least 25 approved media directory items. Gurus have some perks that your typical member does not for helping to contribute to our website. Read more about these accounts in our Media Gurus Accounts page.

    Super Media Gurus Accounts

    Super Media Guru Accounts are accounts for members who have submitted at least 100 approved media directory items. This account allow members to participate in a special hidden forum area just for contributing members plus the perks of the regular Media Gurus account. Read more about this account on our Super Media Guru Accounts page.

    Release Gurus Accounts

    Release Gurus Accounts are members who have submitted at least 25 approved releases for our Release Calendar. Just like the Media Gurus, Release Gurus have perks regular members do not for helping to contribute to our website. To find out what perks, read more about this account on our Release Gurus Account page.

    Super Release Guru Accounts

    Super Release Gurus Accounts are members who have submitted at least 100 approved releases & new releases to our Release Calendar. This account enables members to participate in a special hidden forum area as well as the initial perks for the Release Guru account. Read more on our Super Release Gurus Account page.

    Reviews Gurus Accounts

    Reviews Gurus Accounts are members who have contributed at least 25 approved reviews to our Reviews area. Reviews Gurus have perks that other regular members do not have. Read more about this account on our Reviews Gurus Accounts page.

    Super Reviews Gurus Accounts

    Super Reviews Gurus Accounts are members who have contributed at least 100 approved reviews for our website. A Super Reviews Gurus account enables members to have access to a hidden members area for members who contribute to our site as well as the perks of the Reviews Guru account. Read more about this account on our Super Reviews Gurus Account page.

    New Member Accounts

    New Members are those who have just signed up and not yet hit the Established Members mark. New members have limited accounts until they prove that they are not spammers, trolls or the like. For permissions and information on this account visit our New Members Accounts page.

    Banned Users Accounts

    Banned Users Accounts are account from users who were banned and will most likely stay banned. Banned users have NO permissions for the website whatsoever. If you would like to try and lift your ban on your account you can submit a Ban Lift Form and the staff will get back to you within 5-10 business days with a decision. Please note that decision WILL BE FINAL!

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