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  • Featured Listings Guide

    Featured Listings

    9SixMedia Featured Listings Guide

    In various places on our website we have featured listing ads that a member can purchase. This guide outlines how these listings work and the basic guidelines of your submission. As always, if you have any questions about our Featured Listings, please post them in our Feedback & Questions forum. You will need to register before you can post a question.

    Where Are Featured Listings Located?

    Currently we have two Featured Listing areas:

    1. Featured Social Group: For members who have created a social group on our website and want to feature their group on the main group web page.

    2. Buy/Sell/Trade Forum: For members who would like to place their ad above all other ads in the B/S/T Forum.

    Featured Listings Terms & Guidelines

    Our Featured Listings will adhere to the following terms & guidelines:

    1. You MUST be a registered member on our website with your account in good standing to purchase a featured listings ad.

    2. Featured Social Groups Listings are to feature your social group you created on 9SixMedia ONLY.

    3. Buy/Sell/Trade Featured Listings are only for a listing that you might have posted in the regular B/S/T area. The intent of the featured listing is to keep it at the top of the forums so people are more likely to see it.

    4. Featured Listings are rotating banners. So your ad will rotate with other ads in the space.

    5. Banner ads are limited to only 5 ads per spot to ensure that they rotate on a normal basis and you get good exposure.

    6. Banner ads must be no larger than 234X60 pixels.

    7. Banners can only be in png, gif or jpg format. We do not accept flash banners. Banners can be an animated gif.

    8. Your listing MUST comply with the Site Rules & Guidelines. Any banners that do not will be permanently removed, no refund will be granted and depending upon the severity of the advertisers actions the membership account may be banned from the website.

    9. You may list only ONE social group or B/S/T ad per subscription. If you have more than one social group or B/S/T ad and want to feature them, you will need to purchase a subscription for each one you want to feature.

    10. All Features Listings are subject to availability.

    11. Please read our Premium Account Terms as they pertain to this membership account offer.

    12. 9SixMedia.com staff reserves the right to change the Featured Listing prices without warning or notice.

    How Do Featured Listings Work?

    Featured Listings are based on our subscription system. You purchase a subscription for a Featured Listing and then fill out the Featured Listing Submission Form. Subscriptions for Featured Listings last for 90 days. Featured Listings are set up as a recurring fee meaning that you will be automatically billed when your subscription is up. If you wish to cancel your Featured Listing subscription then please send us an email and let us know at least 5 DAYS before your listing expires and is charged again.

    Once you purchase your subscription your usergroup will change to the Advertisers usergroup. This will allow you access to the Membership Area where you can submit support tickets and discuss your submission.

    9SixMedia.com reserves the right to make changes to these terms & guidelines at any time for any reason without warning or notice. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Our staff reserves the right to remove your banner if it violates any other website policies.

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