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    Footer Links

    9SixMedia Footer Links

    Currently 9SixMedia.com offers footer links in our footer on the bottom left hand side. At this time footer links are FREE. Please read below about our footer link program. If you have any questions about this program please be sure to ask them in our Feedback & Questions area. You must be registered in order to ask a question.

    What Type Of Footer Link Is 9SixMedia Looking For?

    We are currently looking for footer links from websites that hold similar content to our own. Below is a list of types of sites that we would consider:

    1. Movie Related Websites: Any type of website that the primary focus is movies, the movie business, actors & actresses, fan sites, entertainment websites centered around movies, forums, blogs & e-commerce stores.

    2. TV Show Related Websites: Any type of website that the primary focus are TV Shows, or even a particular TV show, fan sites, actors & actresses, entertainment websites centered around TV Shows or a particular TV Show, forums, blogs & e-commerce stores.

    3. Music Related Websites: Any type of website that the primary focus is music, the music industry, musicians, bands, artists, fan sites, music tech sites, music entertainment websites, forums, blogs & e-commerce shops.

    4. Gaming Related Websites: Any type of website centered around games & gaming including fan sites, clan sites, cheat sites, game developer sites, game publisher sites, forums, blogs & e-commerce stores.

    5. Literature Related Websites: Any type of site centered around books, literature, poetry, magazines, manga, comics including fan sites, author websites, publisher websites, forums, blogs & e-commerce shops.

    All other types of websites will be taken on a case by case basis. If the content is entertainment based then we may consider other types of websites for this program.

    Footer Links Terms & Conditions

    1. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY footer links will be free of charge. This may change in the future. You will be notified 10 days in advance by email if there will be a charge for footer links to give you a chance to purchase a link subscription before your link is deactivated.

    2. Reciprocal links are mandatory! You MUST place our link in your FOOTER first before requesting an exchange. If our link is not present in your footer when you submit your link, your submission will be rejected automatically. The only exception to this will be if we start to charge for footer links.

    3. To request to place your footer link fill out our Footer Link Submission Form.

    4. Your website submission CANNOT be an adult or porn site of ANY kind. We will reject adult links or links containing adult material.

    5. You must keep our link in your footer at all times. If our link is removed for any reason, we will remove your link from our footer. We will check links without notice and your link can be removed without notice or warning.

    6. Your website submission must not contain any illegal content such as illegal downloads, torrents, gambling or any other illegal activities.

    7. Your website cannot glorify partying, alcohol, drugs or getting high.

    8. Your website CANNOT have any content that promotes gambling, racism, discrimination, bigotry, anti-LGBTQ, ethnic cleansing, drugs/drug abuse, alcohol/alcohol abuse, child porn or pornography.

    9. There will be a limit of 20 links in our footer at all times. If there are at least 20 links in our footer your submission will be put in a queue. Your link may be added at a later date if someone else drops their link from our footer. Links that have the same subject matter as our site will get priority for placement.

    10. Your website must be completed and ready. It cannot be half finished, unfinished and so on.

    11. The 9SixMedia.com staff reserves the right to reject any link for any reason. We also reserve the right to remove any link without warning or notice for any reason. Our staff also reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time without warning or notice.

    12. Footer Links spots are subject to availability.

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