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  • Copyright Protection Terms

    Copyright Protection Terms

    9SixMedia Copyright Protection Terms

    9SixMedia.com staff encourages members to post items of interest in our forums, media directory items & personal reviews, new releases, and participate overall in the website. That being said we would like to outline our Copyright Protection Terms here in this page. Please read these terms and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask in our Feedback & Questions forum area. You will be required to be a registered member in order to post in this area. You need not to be a member to file a copyright infringement claim.

    Our Guidelines Concerning Copyrights

    The follow guidelines outline our policies concerning copyrights.

    • Please do not place something on the site that you do not have the legal right to copy, transfer or post without the original copyright holders permission.
    • Know that 9SixMedia.com staff have the right to remove any content that has been reported as an infringement without notice or warning.
    • Always include a link back to the original copyright holders web page when you use information from their website.
    • Copyright holders regardless if they gave permission or not have the right to request that their content be taken down at any time.
    • DO NOT post illegal download links, torrent links, torrent sites that contain illegal downloads, or any type of illegal downloads anywhere on this website.
    • Please refrain from chatting about how to remove a copyright, software that you can use to bypass copyrights, how to erase copyrights and the like.
    • DO NOT attempt to upload illegal MP3'S, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Games & other Music to this site anywhere.
    • Only the legal copyright holder or their authorized representative may file a copyright infringement claim.
    • Only the legal copyright owner may report an infringement. If you do not retain the copyright for content you see and you know the copyright owner you can contact them directly and they will have to fill a report. Reports filed from third parties will be rejected.
    • 9SixMedia.com staff have the right to amend these guidelines at any time without notice or warning.

    How To Report Copyright Infringement

    If you believe that your copyright has been infringed upon you can submit a copyright claim form.

    • Fill out the form completely.
    • Type in your electronic signature & submit the form.
    • In most cases we will remove the content without contacting you, but we may need to contact you for more information.
    • Please note that your contact information maybe passed on to the person who created the original post or submission on our website. If the poster from our website believes that the content belongs to them or that it should not be removed they can file a counter claim and/or file a claim under the DMCA.

    The 9SixMedia.com staff reserve the right to remove any content at any time without notice or warning. We also reserve the right to update this page without notice.

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