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  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    9SixMedia.com Privacy Policy

    Our privacy policy is put in place because 9SixMedia.com will gather certain types of information from its members and viewers. Some information required maybe personal and private. For this reason 9SixMedia.com feel that we should explain when we gather that information and how it is used.

    Your Privacy Is Important To Us!

    This website is owned and operated by 9SixMedia.com, a sister site of 9SixDesign.com & 9SixTech.com. We believe your privacy is important and we want all of our members & viewers to have a happy, safe browsing experience on our website. Because of this we have implemented the following privacy policy for all members & viewers alike. This policy is set to explain how we collect your data, use it and what's done with it.

    If you should have any questions about our privacy policy then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Private Information We Gather

    9SixMedia.com will gather certain types of private information from its members in the course of browsing the website, engaging in the forums, submitting articles, reviews or forms, forum notifications & other participation in the website. Some information is submitted by members voluntarily and some is required for the use of their accounts within the website.

    Gathered Information & How Its Used

    1. Browsing The Website: 9SixMedia.com website is run on software that gathers cookie information. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer that holds data specific to the website you are browsing. Cookies track your visits and tailor your viewing experience according to your actions. Read more about "cookies" and how they work. You can refuse to use cookies by turning them off in your browser and it will not upset your viewing experience.
    2. Engaging In The Forums: As with many websites, in order to post, share photos & videos, submit reviews, items to the media directory, & new releases on our website you must register. Registration requires that a new member submit a working email address, username & password.
    3. Website Submissions: Here at 9SixMedia.com we have many areas in which members can become as involved as they want in the site. Submissions include adding reviews, a media directory item, links, new media releases, photos & sharing video links. While adding submissions you maybe required to submit an email address and/or website title & URL.
    4. Forum Notifications: Our site software has the ability for members to enable thread & forum notifications. This is strictly voluntary for each member. Forum notifications include notifications through email of newly posted threads/posts in forums or threads you have subscribed to, private messages, friend requests, & thread/post/submission approvals. In the listed instances only your email address is used to send out the notification. You can disable this feature in your personal profile.

    Children Safety & COPPA

    9SixMedia.com will never "knowingly" collect private data about children under the age of 13 following the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). The COPPA system is in place to protect children and their rights. If you have a child and want their account removed from our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Sharing Personal Information

    9SixMedia.com in no way will ever share a members information or accounts with a third party except to comply with an applicable law, legal processes or protect the safety of our members.

    Consent At The Time Of Registration

    By registering on our website you consent to the above mentioned policies. As a member you can always opt out of various website functions just by editing your personal profile. Members are also allowed to make their 9SixMedia.com profiles private. If you would like to delete your profile for any reason, please contact us for deletion. Account deletions can take up to 48 hours to complete.

    The administration and staff at 9SixMedia.com reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without notice or warning at any time.

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