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  • House Hunters

    TV Show Title: House Hunters
    TV Show Rating: TV-G
    Content Descriptor: None
    TV Show Length: 22 Minutes
    Release Year: 1999
    Year Ended: None
    Number Of Seasons: 139
    Number Of Episodes: 1,772 to date
    Language: English

    TV Show Cast: Varies depending upon persons looking for a house.

    TV Show Director/Producers: Brian Balthazar
    TV Show Genre: REALITY
    TV Show Station: HGTV
    Studio/Production Company: Pie Town Production

    TV Show Description:

    (Reference Link) House Hunters follows individuals, couples, or families searching for a new home, with the assistance of a real estate agent. In each episode, the buyers must decide among three properties, ultimately choosing one before the end of the episode. The show concludes by revisiting the buyers in their new home a few weeks or months later, where they describe the changes they've made and the effect the new home has on their life.

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