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  • Buy/Sell/Trade Terms & Conditions

    Buy, Sell, Trade Terms & Conditions

    Buy/Sell/Trade Terms & Conditions

    The 9SixMedia.com Buy/Sell/Trade Forums or BST Forums are for registered members to buy, sell or trade media memorabilia and various other media related items. Before posting in the BST Forums members should read our BST Rules & Guidelines. Infractions of these rules can be a serious offense on our site. So please be sure that you read this page of terms & the rules in their entirety.

    9SixMedia.com Responsibility

    9SixMedia.com nor its staff will be held responsible for deals gone bad from the BST Forums. Everyone engages in the BST Forum at their own risk. We are not responsible if you get ripped off, lose money, experience a computer crash or data loss or anything else. Please do your homework about who you are dealing with. Follow the safety steps listed in the BST Rules. Check out whomever you plan on making a deal with before hand. Please use caution & never meet someone at your place of residence, work or a relatives house if you can help it. Always conduct your business in a public place.

    How Does The BST Forum Work?

    Members use the submission form to create a post in this area to sell or trade a media item. The submission form will automatically submit the thread into the BST area after staff approval. Members cannot create a post without using the submission form. Members are allowed only 3 threads per week in this area. All threads will be reviewed and can be rejected/deleted for any reason.

    Who Can Post In The BST Forum?

    Only registered members in certain usergroups can participate in this area. A member will need at least 25 NON-SPAM related posts and at least 5 days registered in order to gain access to post a BST Ad. After the first initial 5 days of registration it may take at least 24-72 hours for your account to change and allow access. Please read more about that here.

    Members of the following groups have the ability to post ads in the BST Forums:

    * Owners
    * Administrators | Account Description
    * Global Moderators | Account Description
    * Moderators | Account Description
    * Advertisers | Account Description
    * Elite Members | Account Description
    * Established Members | Account Description
    * Media Gurus | Account Description
    * Super Media Gurus | Account Description
    * Release Gurus | Account Description
    * Super Release Gurus | Account Description
    * Reviews Gurus | Account Description
    * Super Reviews Gurus | Account Description
    * VIP Members | Account Description

    What Can You Post In The BST Forum?

    Members can post anything related to media, its accessories or components in this area. So posting a DVD Player for sale is fine but posting your car for sale is not. Here is a list of potential items that can be listed. For each item I have listed some examples. What you can post is not necessarily limited to what I've listed. If you have questions about what can be listed then please feel free to ask them in our Feedback & Questions area.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: Members may not at any time post illegal downloads for sale or trade. In offering ANY sort of software be it a PC game, Windows, Audio Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc,. it MUST NOT BE A DOWNLOAD OR FROM A DOWNLOADED SOURCE! Only legal official copies are allowed at all times.

    * Electronics/Components/Accessories: Media players of any kind, mp3 players, Headphones, Home Stereos, Home Theater Systems, Speakers, DVD Players, VHS Players, Beta Players, Blu-Ray Players, TV'S, Flat Screen TV'S, Portable Radios, etc. (Car stereos or accessories are not allowed to be posted).

    * Computers/Laptop (Components & Accessories): Desktops, Laptops, PC Parts, External Hard Drives, Other External Drives, Mouse Pads, Computer Mouse, Keyboards, Blank DVD'S, Blank Blu-Rays, Blank Dual-Layer DVD'S, Blank CDR'S, MACS, Computer Software (With Legal Licenses - License MUST BE Transferred - PHP/ASP/JAVA etc., scripts will not be allowed here), PC Accessories, etc.

    * Books & Literature/Accessories: Hardbacks, Paperbacks, Audio (If you are selling the original package not a download), Kindles, Nooks, Magazines, Book Accessories, Comics, Manga, etc.,

    * Games & Accessories: Game Cartridges, Blu-Ray Games, DVD Games, Computer/PC Games, Game Systems (Gameboy, Nintendo, Wii, etc.,), Game System Parts, Gaming Accessories, etc.,

    * Movies & Accessories/Memorabilia: Original Official DVD Movies, Blu-Rays, VHS, Betas, VCD'S, Movie Posters, T-Shirts, Displays and other memorabilia, Movie Accessories, etc.,

    * Music & Accessories/Memorabilia: Original Official CD Albums, CDS, VCDS, VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, Vinyl, Cassettes, Music Posters, T-Shirts, Tour Programs, and other memorabilia & accessories, etc.,

    * Tablets & Accessories: Tablets, Kindles, Nooks,etc., Tablet Accessories - Stylus Pens, Covers etc.,

    * TV Shows & Accessories/Memorabilia: Original Official TV Show DVD'S, Blu-Rays, VHS, Betas, VCD'S, TV Show Posters, T-Shirts, Displays & other memorabilia/accessories etc.,

    Member Feedback & Rating System

    9SixMedia staff encourage members to use our Feedback System for all transactions in the BST Forum. This is the best way to keep everyone as safe as possible. The Feedback System allows you to voice how well or not so well your transaction went with another member. It will be helpful to everyone on the site. Remember you conduct these transaction at your own risk and its best to be armed with as much knowledge about the person you are about to deal with as possible.

    Disciplinary Actions

    Members who abuse this system or do not follow the BST Terms & Conditions or the BST Guidelines will be banned from this website and if warranted information may be turned over to the proper authorities if legal action is taken by the member that was ripped off. All disciplinary actions will be determined depending on the circumstances and actions taken by both parties.

    9SixMedia Administration

    Please take a moment to read our Site Rules, Privacy Policy, Copyright Protection Terms, & Terms Of Use. The 9SixMedia.com staff reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice or warning. Our staff also reserves the right to ban ANYONE at any time for violation of any of the terms in this agreement. Furthermore the 9SixMedia.com staff reserves the right to edit, delete or change ANY submission at any time for any reason.

    By submitting your post in our BST Forums you agree to our BST Guidelines & the terms outlined above.

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