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    9SixMedia.com Staff members are available to answer your questions, help you with your account and generally make your time here at our website as enjoyable as possible! Please take a moment and Meet Our Staff! Want to be a staff member? No problem, you can easily apply for any open position just by submitting our Staff Application.

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    Administrator Accounts

    Administrators are in charge of the website, members & moderating the content that is placed on 9SixMedia.com by registered members. This information is placed here for all members including admins to see the Administrator permissions, duties & conduct. Admins have super moderator abilities through the entire website including the media directory, reviews, release calendars, videos, gallery & forums with a few exceptions. Currently Administrator accounts are strictly on a volunteer basis.

    Rarely will new Administrator positions come available, but if they do, they will be listed as a Open Staff Position in the forums. Once the position is filled a new post will be placed in that thread letting everyone know that its been filled and who the new staff member is. So be sure to check the last few posts in that thread for that information. If a position comes available, you can certainly submit a Staff Application. Please give us at least 10 days to review your application as current staff will discuss and vote on new staff members. You will be notified by PM either way when the final decision has been publically posted.

    If you find that a current staff member has been unprofessional or discourteous, please do not hesitate to report this behavior using this form.

    How Do I Qualify For An Administrator Account?

    In order to qualify for this account a member MUST HAVE the following:

    • You must be a registered member on the site in good standing with no infractions for at least 180 days.
    • You must have at least 1000 posts in our Forums. Post/threads must adhere to our guidelines and contain no spam.
    • If you have any Feedback Ratings, they must be positive or neutral. They cannot be negative. If you do not have any ratings, then this item will not pertain to you.
    • All members are subject to staff approval before being moved to this member group.

    Member Group Promotions

    Please note that if you have been promoted to this member group that the promotion may take up to 72 hours to go into effect depending upon how many promotions and account changes the staff currently needs to make. Some promotions are automatic, while others are manual and a staff member must be available to check your progress, ensure that you have indeed met the criteria of that member group & move you to the proper member group. For certain member groups, you will need to inform staff that you have met the criteria to be promoted. Please read the information about which member groups require notification HERE.

    Account Permissions

    Administrators have more permissions than other members for obvious reasons with the exception of Owners. This list below is subject to change if the Owner deems that its necessary to make the website run more smoothly. Any changes will be posted in the staff area and/or sent by PM to the active Administrators should they occur before they are posted here on this page.

    Administrators have the following account permissions:

    • Complete video permissions including deleting, editing, administering videos & content. They can moderate, post and edit videos within the site.
    • All forum viewing permissions including hidden forums, hidden group forums and any other hidden areas.
    • All forum searching permissions.
    • Edit, delete, post, move, hard delete, & reply to all posts/threads. In addition they may open, close, stick, rate and tag any/all threads. They may also delete tags & create tags. Administrators ARE NOT excluded from double post merges.
    • No restrictions on attachments.
    • Post, reply, edit & delete polls.
    • 2500 private messages in their PM storage folders.
    • View, post, edit, approve, disapprove, & moderate releases in our release calendar area. Admins CANNOT delete any releases, only Owners can delete releases.
    • View who is online, but they cannot view IP Addresses or other detailed location information of any members or staff.
    • Global moderator powers - they can moderate anywhere on the website.
    • View member info & profiles, edit their own profile & edit members profiles.
    • Set themselves to be invisible on the site and see others who set themselves to be invisible.
    • NO ONE can mail members.
    • Use the friends list & see the visiting members display on the home page.
    • Administrators CANNOT use a custom title or view private profile fields. Only Owners can view private profile fields.
    • Upload profile pictures, custom avatars, animated avatars & signature images within the website rules.
    • Have signatures. Signatures can only be 3 lines, have one 468X60 image (no larger and no flash or animation) and contain 3 links that are NOT affiliate or spam links. Videos are not allowed in ANYONE'S signature.
    • Can give infractions/warnings & reverse them.
    • Can post, edit, delete & manage all visitor messages.
    • Join, manage, moderate, edit, post, create, delete, view, upload icons & images to a member group(s). The maximum amount of groups an administrator is allowed to create is 10.
    • View the members list, post a social profile and search member accounts.
    • Administrators are allowed a personal blog. They can edit, post, create content, post comments and moderate other members blogs. Blog styling is disabled on the website for everyone.
    • View, give, remove, edit & moderate Feedback for members.
    • Participate in the website Gallery including moderating, uploading, sharing, commenting, posting & voting on images.

    Administrator Conduct

    Administrators are expected to follow the website Rules & Guidelines like any other member. Remember as a member of this website you have the right to report anyone that has disregarded the Administrator conduct. Administrators are also expected to adhere to the following:

    • Accept money or gifts from members for extra website perks, ban lifts, usergroup changes, or anything that resembles site business.
    • Accept donations of ANY kind either monetary or gifts from members for doing administrative duties on the site.
    • Promote a similar or clone website and trying to lure 9SixMedia.com staff or members to a website in direct competition of this site.
    • Make changes to members accounts, profiles, posts, threads etc., that are unwarranted. In other words make changes in malice or to get back at someone.
    • Post 9SixMedia.com website graphics, content, & information on another website.
    • Ban a member out of malice or for an unwarranted reason.
    • Ban/Fire a staff member. Only the Owner can fire or ban a staff member.
    • Make changes to the website's design, layout or structure.
    • Delete or modify a members post, thread or comment unnecessarily.
    • Be professional & courteous at all times (in all areas of the website including PM'S) irregardless of the circumstances.
    • Post, participate and engage with the website members and staff. There are no "silent" or "uninvolved" Administrators on 9SixMedia.com. All must be willing to a big part of this website.

    The 9SixMedia.com staff reserves the right to edit or change the above conduct rules without warning or limitation. Administrators found to violate any of the above guidelines may be terminated without warning.

    Administrator Duties

    Like Global Moderators & Moderators, Administrators also have certain duties that they are expected to perform while on 9SixMedia.com. Administrators are the last line of defense for the site. They ensure the site runs smoothly and tie up any loose ends that may have been missed by other staff members. Administrators also maintain member accounts and manage them. Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Post, participate and engage with the website members and staff.
    • Checking website content, videos, gallery images, posts, threads, comments & profiles for Site Rules violations.
    • Checking member accounts for signature, avatar, profile, feedback score, blog, videos or photos violations.
    • Maintaining & servicing member accounts. I.E. If a member has a problem with their account, Administrators should fix the account.
    • Reading posts & threads to ensure that they adhere to the site guidelines.
    • Checking & Approving/Disapproving moderated website content such as threads, posts or submissions.
    • Administering member account bans or temporary bans.
    • Giving warnings or infractions to members for breaking the website rules.
    • Edit, move or delete forum posts and threads anywhere that the forum Moderators may have missed.
    • Stick/Unstick threads when needed.
    • Close threads when warranted.
    • Create new website notices when needed.
    • Edit, delete & create thread tags.
    • Edit, delete & moderate member blogs.

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