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9SixMedia FAQ

Welcome to the 9SixMedia.com FAQ area! You can find answers to most of your questions here in this area. If you cannot find your questions answered here or if you cannot see the FAQ answers, then please do not hesitate to post a new thread in our Feedback & Questions forum for help. This area will be updated from time to time as new items come to light.

How Do I Add My Signature?

Coming soon!

How Do I Add My Avatar?

Coming soon!

How Do I Subscribe To A Thread?

Coming soon!

How Do I Apply For A Position On The 9SixMedia Staff?

If you are interested in applying for a staff position here at 9SixMedia.com then please don't hesitate to fill out THIS FORM. Please look to see if we have open positions first and read up on our administrator, global moderator & moderator accounts to find out what the qualifications are and what is expected of our staff.

Why Is My Post Moderated?

If your post has been moderated then its likely that you are a new member and do not yet have Established Member status. All new members posts and other actions are moderated on this forum & website until you have become an Established Member. For more information about the different member groups you can read the Member Accounts descriptions.

Why Can't I Post/Participate In Certain Forum Areas?

Coming soon!

Why Can't I Post A Link In My Thread/Post?

In order to post a link in your new thread or post you must have been registered for at least 5 days & have at least 25 "INFORMATIVE" posts. Informative posts relates to posts that are on topic and consist of more than one word answers. FOR EXAMPLE: "Thanks!", or "Agreed.", or "Great!", or "That's Great!" and so on. Your posts must contribute to the thread and not distract from the original topic.

Joining A Social Group

Coming soon!

Creating A Social Group

Coming soon!

How Do I Create A New Thread?

Coming soon!

How Do I Create A New Post?

Coming Soon!

How Do I Delete A Post?

Coming soon!

Why Does My Account Upgrade Take So Long To Complete?

Coming soon!

How Do I Add YouTube, IMDB or SoundCloud To My Post/Submission?

Coming soon!

How Do I Report Content/Accounts That Break Site Rules & Guidelines?

Coming soon!

Using The Feedback System

Coming soon!

Forum Areas Guide

Coming soon. A guide to the forums on this site.

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