Certain member groups have promotions within the site. These member groups are free memberships that members acquire from contributing to our website in various ways.

The following member groups are the ones that will need for a staff member to check that you have met the criteria of the promotion before the actual promotion occurs.

  • Media Gurus
  • Super Media Gurus
  • Release Gurus
  • Super Release Gurus
  • Reviews Gurus
  • Super Reviews Gurus

For those who feel they have met the criteria of any of the member groups above, please fill out THIS FORM and submit it. Please give our staff at least 72 hours to review your request.

Choosing Your Primary Member Group:

Member groups are set up to allow you to belong to more than one member group within the site depending upon whether or not your purchase the subscription or qualify for that group. In filling out the above form, you will be asked if you want your primary member group changed. If you change your primary member group you will still have permissions of your previous special member group. The difference will be in how your personal info looks in each post & your profile. If you decide to switch your member group from Media Gurus to Super Reviews Gurus, your rank will change in posts and your profile, but your permissions will remain and you will gain new permissions (if any) of your new member group.



See the highlighted section in my post information? This is the rank and its the only visible change you would see. So if you have a preference as to which rank shows you can choose. The only member group that CANNOT change their primary group are members of staff.

Questions? Comments? Help I'm Lost?

If you have any questions about these member group promotions or any group promotions, then please feel free to ask them in this thread.